Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quilt for my sister - #1

Last week was a very busy quilt week! I managed to finish two twin quilts and a crib quilt.

Here's one of three:

Over a year ago my sister found two started quilts in my parents basement. She had started the blocks in college, put them in a bag, and left them in our parents basement for quite a few years. I offered to finish them for her.

Doesn't she do lovely work? She's much better with the fussy bits than I am.

I planned the placement, put it together and quilted it.

The only fabric I bought for this was the pink backing and green binding. Otherwise all the fabric was in the bag. I tried doing a two sided quilt - though the back side is pretty simple, I really like the effect of being able to turn it over.

Also, something else I discovered:

Rather than quilting with the top of the quilt up, I quilted with the bottom. I was using cream thread that nearly disappeared into the top - since I was just stippling it, I found myself running it together more than I wanted. By flipping it over, I could see what I was doing.

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