Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Boy Quilt

Oh sweet babies...
My cousin had a boy in October and I'm finally getting around to making a quilt for him.

Though a bit dark, I do really like these two fabrics together.

I made it two sided. In my 'no buy 2010' I made an exception for this fabric. I had to Frankenstein the batting together - I have been using all the bits and scraps and was down to next to nothing.

So I did something I've always promised myself - I ordered batting.

And it makes me giddy:

My very own box of batting - all 40 yards of it...


  1. SMART girl to order a huge roll of batthing! Wise investment. SOmething I've not done due to where I live now. You'll get a lot of quilts out of this...

  2. P.S.
    I was so excited over the batting that I thought the quilt was a separate post and went to comment and it's all one! I Love your quilt and how you did the back. It looks so comfy and soft. I did a post not long ago about how more thread makes it heavier. I don't always want that in all of my quilts. A lady left an interesting comment, do you have any ideas about it? I mean, it's only thread and yet it increases weight dramatically the more you add...I really gotta get back to making more stars now. Love your quilts!