Monday, January 18, 2010

Block Swap

Awhile back I signed up for a block swap. Every month one (or two) members send fabric out with instructions and we all make a block (or two) and send it back. Simple enough. I've discovered some fabrics I really like and have stretched my ability as well.

January is my month and I decided to send solids. I have a ton (yes, you could nearly weight them) and have wanted an Amish style quilt for awhile.

Here are the solids. With 16 members (including me), every member received two fabrics and a fat quarter of black. I told them think "Old School" - baskets, bow tie, robbing peter to pay paul, monkey wrench, shoo-fly, bear paw... you get the idea. I can't wait to see what these talented quilters come up with!

My belated block for November:
Until next time - Happy sewing!

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